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Naturism, sports, fun and games

A variety of free sports and cultural activities are on offer during your stay at Domaine Laborde. On arriving at the campsite, you will be provided with your newcomer's booklet, where you will find all the information you need to organise your naturist holidays.

The Children's Club

The Mini Club is open every morning and afternoon in July and August to welcome your children during high season.

Supervised by multilingual activity leaders, children will make friends of the same age in a warm and friendly atmosphere, giving free rein to their creativity through drawing, model-making, sport and games.
Pizza workshops every Tuesday morning. Budding apprentice pizza makers can try their hand at preparing delicious pizzas baked in a wood-fired oven. Each child leaves the workshop with his/her creations, if they haven't already eaten them!

At Domaine Laborde we adore family-based activities, like Olympiads in a variety of disciplines, fun and games with belly slides, and horror evenings that lead you to encounter terrifying creatures in the forest at night. Chills and thrills and wonderful memories.

Play areas

Several play areas are provided for children. They can exercise their agility and sense of adventure climbing rope ladders, crawling through tunnels and whizzing down slides. There are even "old school" swings, but they never go out of fashion. And if you're looking for your kids, check the trampolines; they're often quite busy.


Sports tournaments are regularly organised on our tennis courts, football fields, badminton and volley ball courts.

Also essential on every campsite: boules. Some are pros and come with all their gear. If that's not your case, rest assured, we can lend you all you need.

With archery on Tuesday afternoons for budding Robin Hoods and experienced William Tells.

There is even a giant chess set. Which begs the question: is chess a sport or not?


The campsite has 5 different hiking routes ranging from 4 to 12 km. They are all clearly signposted and we are proud to say that, to date, no one has ever got lost. One of the routes leads to the superb Biron castle, which is open to visitors. Another leads to the foot of the tower used by the wood pigeon hunters.

And if you don't like walking, you can always use a mountain bike.

The producer's market

We organise a producers' market every Tuesday afternoon on the terrace of the grocery store. Providing you with an opportunity to taste Périgord truffles and original cheeses like tome from Echourgnac.You can also savour some regional wines: Côte de Duras, Côte du Marmandais, and if you like drinks with a little more character, Cyril will be delighted to introduce you to his distilled spirits.

Canoeing on the Dordogne

There is a canoeing expedition in La Roque-Gageac every Thursday in the high season. The 16 km trip down the Dordogne enables you to discover sumptuous natural landscapes, including the Montfort castle, perched on a rocky outcrop. A barbecue stop is programmed on one of the many islands half-way down the river… no doubt about it, all that paddling gives you quite an appetite! And because we don't want to get too serious and fun is always a priority, water pistol battles help to keep you cool in the heat of the day.

Musical evenings

We love music at Domaine Laborde, and we like to get things moving. In July and August one or two bands come each week to liven up your evenings. And we're not biased, we like all kinds of music: jazz, rock, bandas, French and international variety music. Some even play "Pop Joy" and everyone loves it. And if you don't know what Pop Joy is, come along and see!

The call of the stag

The stags start to bell every year in early September. Belling is the word for call of the stag as it seeks to attract the attention of females in the mating season. It is also used to intimidate other males. Domaine Laborde provides you with front-row seats where you can hear and perhaps even observe them. They're right here, at the edge of the forest, just beside the camp site… it's very impressive!