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The Dordogne naturism guide

The Dordogne is a beautiful region in south-west France, renowned for its picturesque landscapes, historic heritage and tourist attractions. It is also a great place for naturists to enjoy the natural beauty of the area while practising their naturist lifestyle. In this guide, we'll take you through the best places to go naturist in the Dordogne and give you some useful information for your stay.

The Laborde domain: A naturist oasis

The holiday campsite straddles the Lot and Dordogne rivers. The Laborde domain is an ideal place for lovers of tranquillity in the heart of nature. You'll be able to make the most of the site's 20 hectares. In addition, it offers a wide choice of accommodation and locations to suit your needs, including: 

  • 9 motor home pitches;
  • 121 spacious camping pitches;
  • 6 fully equipped tents;
  • 11 mobile homes;
  • 26 chalets.

The campsite has been specially designed to offer comfort to its guests, boasting facilities and leisure activities for the well-being of all ages. Make the most of the water park with its pools, a jacuzzi, a water slide and an aqua leisure pool. All holidaymakers are given a welcome booklet on their first day, listing all the activities on offer at the Laborde domain.

Naturist beaches

There are no official naturist beaches in the Dordogne, but there are several unofficial beaches where naturists gather for sunbathing and water fun. The beach at La Roque-Gageac, on the banks of the river, is one of the most popular. With its rocky cliffs and breathtaking views over the river, this beach is a wonderful place to be. In addition, you'll find places that are more secret to the public, so don't hesitate to venture along the river to find the bathing spot that suits you best. Alternatively, you can explore the many waterfalls that abound in the region. The Autoire waterfall is one of them. At 30 metres high, it is one of the highest in the region.

Naturist campsites

There are a number of naturist campsites in Périgord, including the family campsite Le Couderc, in Saint-Amand-de-Coly. The region's natural wealth and heritage make it an authentic and pleasant place to live. To ensure that holidaymakers, and families in particular, get the most out of their stay, our accommodation providers spare no effort in offering quality services and comfort. Of course, they all have their own peculiarities. Périgord is an ideal place for naturists. Here, the art of living naked while respecting each other and the environment is fully realised. You'll love these little nooks of paradise! 

Naturist walks

Do you like walking? Take advantage of the hiking trails on the Laborde domain site. Experience this gentle activity in a soothing, natural environment. The site has five walks ranging from 4 to 12 km. Of course, there are safety signs along all the paths. Perfect for discovering the flora and fauna of the region, there's plenty to see and do. The stag bellow in the month of September is quite remarkable. Besides walking, you can also cycle or run the routes. The Laborde naturist campsite offers a wide range of sporting activities.

Leisure activities

Make the most of your stay in Périgord by taking part in the many nature, heritage and sports events on offer. Take advantage of the many cycle paths that surround the region, particularly around Sarlat. Enjoy your picnic overlooking the panoramic gardens of Limeuil. This ancient medieval village is a peaceful haven. For golf lovers, head to Château les Merles or Château des Vigiers, where you can take individual or group lessons in a truly unusual setting. Visitors wishing to enjoy water activities can follow the river in a canoe or gabarre, stopping to rest and refresh themselves. In Beynac, enjoy secluded beaches and views of the Bastille. If you want to fly over the Dordogne Valley in a microlight or hot-air balloon, you can book your flight at any time of the year. There's plenty for young children too, with indoor and outdoor activities and puzzle games on offer at Château de Bridoire.

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Gastronomy in the Dordogne

You can't talk about Périgord without thinking of foie gras, ceps, duck confit, walnuts or wine. A host of local merchants offer unique and tasty delicacies all year round. Truffle markets are no exception. Known as the black diamond, this mushroom is very popular among both restaurant owners and gourmets. The truffle season runs from December to February and covers the whole of France. Open to the public, you may visit the various controlled truffle markets. What's more, there's a wide range of red and white wines to accompany your aperitifs and meals. The many vineyards will be there to welcome you and guide you in your choice of elixir. Get to know them at local events or by visiting the wineries. Whether you like your wine sweet, mild, dry or full-bodied, you'll be enchanted by their intense flavours.

Tourist attractions

Besides naturist activities, Périgord is packed with must-see tourist sites. Among these are the Marqueyssac gardens, not far from La Roque Gageac and the Château de Castelnaud-La-Chapelle. Get carried away by the natural beauty of this romantic spot. The region's must-see tourist attraction is, of course, the prehistoric caves of Lascaux. You'll be immersed in the ancient life of our ancestors at this emblematic site in the Nouvelle-Aquitaine region. At Lascaux II, not far from the original cave, which has been closed to the public since 1963, you can admire exact copies of the paintings. This is one of the most visited places in the world. Add a visit to the Gouffre de Proumeyssac to complete your sightseeing experience. Nicknamed the Crystal Cathedral, this dazzling venue offers an enchanting spectacle of light and sound. If you're a fan of the medieval period, you'll want to admire the bastides overlooking the whole region, such as Château de Monbazillac and Château des Milandes.

Cultural events, festivals and celebrations

A trip to Périgord gives you the chance to attend cultural events and village festivals where traditions and heritage take pride of place. Festivals are also on the agenda. Here are some of the highlights: 

  • The Issigeac gourmet night market, held every Thursday evening from July to August and the first Thursday in September from 7pm. The restaurant is renowned for its charm and for showcasing local delicacies.
  • Le focalnuart, the artistic nude photo festival in Villereal, from late July to early August. Launched in 2011, the celebration showcases artistic nude photography.
  • In July, the Sigoulès wine fair brings together the region's winegrowers for an opportunity to share and taste. It's free and open to the public.
  • Ecaussysteme, in Gignac, is a 3-day music festival centred on the values of ecology, the environment and sharing.
  • Les Chevaliers de l'Arbre à Cames, in Bergerac. This event brings together old cars and car enthusiasts every first Sunday of the month.
  • Saint Michel de Montaigne bread festival and medieval costume party. Come and experience the Middle Ages for a day and an evening in June. Join the peasant baker as he prepares bread, and take part in ancient medieval dances. 

To learn more about these events, visit the official Dordogne Valley website.

The Dordogne has plenty to offer naturist enthusiasts. Ranked as one of France's most beautiful regions, tourists from France and all over the world flock to this region every year. Come and admire all the region's treasures. Tourist attractions, gastronomy, leisure activities, campsites—this is the opportunity for you and your loved ones to enjoy an unforgettable stay. With the information contained in this guide, you'll be able to fully appreciate the assets of Périgord and the authenticity of the Laborde domain. You'll feel right at home here. Book your next holiday now!